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DAM software seamlessly integrated at the heart of Episerver

We are proud to introduce the Digizuite™ DAM for Episerver Add-on that brings the power of an enterprise DAM into your favorite Web Content Management platform in an unparalleled tight integration. Digizuite™ DAM for Episerver Add-on makes your binary assets work seamlessly together with your web content in order to significantly improve your time-to-market.



The integration works by attaching a content provider to your Episerver asset structure. A content provider is a standardized piece of Episerver technology that allows Episerver to incorporate content on external services and expose it to the editor as if it was Episerver’s own content. This means that not only can you use all the assets published to your Episerver channel on your website, you can also modify their metadata and upload new assets to the DAM from within Episerver’s user interface.

FUll-blown dam features in episerver

We’ve added many often-requested functionality enhancements to the way you work with assets in Episerver by exposing some of the DAM capabilities directly. For example, we have made it easy to

  • search,

  • navigate and

  • filter

…in all your assets, saving you time trying to find the right asset to use on your website.

We have also brought

  • a powerful cropping tool that standardizes various image crops into Episerver as well as the capability to automatically have your site pick the proper media format (image size) depending on the use

  • powerful tools for the developers for them to ensure that editors are limited to using the correct crops, image resolutions and formats when building digital experiences

INTEGRATION POINTS: Digizuite dam for episerver

The integration involves many different touch points between Digizuite and Episerver, including:

  • A content provider that seamlessly presents your DAM assets along-side assets stored in Episerver for direct use on a website

  • Search provider that improves the editorial search so finding the right asset is both fast and painless.

  • A blob provider that fetches binary content from Digizuite and caches it aggressively on Episerver in order to deliver the fastest user experience possible.

  • Video proxy functionality that allows you to stream DAM stored videos directly from your main website’s domain name.

  • Customizable friendly URL-handlers that allow your developers to take control over the URL to the individual assets for optimizing SEO.

  • Content modelling tools that allow designers and developers to validate that editor asset selections are within the design guidelines. Content modelling tools allow designers and developers to expose custom asset metadata from Digizuite™ DAM to Episerver editors.

  • Developer APIs that enable implementation developers to access and query the DAM directly from Episerver, including custom asset search filtering.

  • Support for Episerver Find Indexing

  • Support for using Digizuite assets in Episerver Commerce.


A Digizuite™ DAM installation that has enabled Episerver support and Episerver CMS v. 11+.


Made by Allan Thraen

Allan Thraen is the master brain behind the Digizuite™ DAM for Episerver Add-on. Having spent 11 years on developing the Episerver product and being the Head of the MVP Program, Allan Thraen is the expert when it comes to creating seamless integrations.

Allan Thraen, Lead Developer, Digizuite DAM for Episerver Add-on

Allan Thraen, Lead Developer, Digizuite DAM for Episerver Add-on

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